In My Dark Dreams

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In the past three months, three brutal murders were committed in the ritzy area of west Los Angeles—each one on the night of the full moon. Lt. Luis Cordova is heading a special undercover task force in search of the killer before he can strike again. And he finds him! Roberto Salazar, a gardener working in the wealthy neighborhood, is idling in his truck waiting for the work day to begin when the police search his truck and find a startling piece of evidence.

Public Defender Jessica Thompson is stunned at the news. Just a month earlier she had successfully defended Roberto when he was charged with transporting stolen goods. This man has a spotless record. He is happily married with children. He is a lay minister and a devoted youth counselor. Could such a well-respected man have fooled them all? Jessica is determined to learn the truth: Is this a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or did Jessica put a vicious serial killer back out on the streets?