Fallen Idols

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La Chimenea was supposed to be the pinnacle of Walt Gaines’s career. The jewel in his crown. But after months of hard work and discovery, this archaeologist, professor, husband, and father of three would see his life tragically altered.

The excavation had been a huge success. First stumbled upon by a worker searching for rubber trees, the ancient Mayan site had immediately become a hotbed of activity and point of great historical and political interest. Nobody was more excited about leading the dig than Walt and Jocelyn Gaines. Three months later, with a group of student volunteers at their side, the husband-and-wife team of thirty years was attacked. When the smoke cleared, the thieves were gone, artifacts were taken, and one person lay dead: Jocelyn. Now, one year later in Chicago, the Gaineses’ full-grown sons, Clancy, Tom and Will, are still searching for answers. Yet instead of helping them, their father has erected a baffling wall of silence, pulled up stakes, moved to an affluent part of California, and started a new life with a much younger woman. As the image of the eminent professor, devoted husband, and revered father changes forever, the three sons explore every corner of their parent’s business and personal lives. What they find is more complex – and more shocking – than anything they could have ever imagined.


FALLEN IDOLS is a compelling story, taut, moving, and wonderfully told.
- Robert Parker