Against the Wind

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Will Alexander, a brilliant, flamboyant defense lawyer out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, fiercely believes that society’s underdogs don’t always get a fair shake in the criminal justice system. At a low point in his life he is unexpectedly thrust into a case that will severely test this convictions. Alexander is embroiled in a second divorce, while his first wife is leaving Santa Fe with their ten-year-old daughter, Claudia, the only person who matters to Will. His drinking and sexual adventures, always a matter of concern, are now out of control, and his partners in the law firm he founded are about to force him out. Amidst this ruin, Alexander meets with the men who will become his clients – four desperados who live beyond society’s edge, member of the outlaw Scorpion motorcycle gang. The four, including their leader, a charismatic and colorful man known as Lone Wolf, have been accused of a grisly murder. They insist, against mounting evidence, that they didn’t do it. The more Will gets to know the accused, the more he feels that, despicable though they may be, they are innocent of this particular crime. And now Will and the tem of lawyers he gathers around him are the only ones who stand between the outlaw bikers and their execution by the state.


“A rip-snorting, full-throttle novel that mixes bikers, murder, a blood-curdling prison riot, and a powder-keg murder trial. The result is a high-octane blast. J. F. Freedman has made an auspicious debut with this compulsively readable tale of crime and punishment. It kept me up late into the night.”
- Stephen King

“J. F. Freedman has crafted an extraordinary thriller that is at once fresh and brutal, original and erudite, and absolutely impossible to put down. This is going to be a much talked-about, huge selling book.”
- Booktalk

“A powerhouse legal-action thriller…the narrative’s storm surge of courtroom duels, gritty crime action, twisty plotting, and technicolor characters has irrevocably swept the reader up in one of the most extravagently entertaining thrillers of the year.”
- Kirkus Reviews

“Freedman’s story works up a full head of steam and pulls you helplessly along.”
- New York Times

“Freedman’s provocative tale of a renegade lawyer and his outlaw-biker clients—a Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club selection in cloth—exults in nonconformity.”
- Publishers Weekly

“Superstar criminal lawyer Will Alexander is an alcoholic and a womanizer. As his problems begin to interfere with his work, his partners ask him to take an extended leave of absence. His ex-wife informs him she is moving from Santa Fe to Seattle, taking their daughter with her. In the midst of this personal chaos, four bikers hire him to defend them against a questionable murder charge. It is painfully obvious that Freedman is no attorney as he omits major steps in trial preparation in order to further the plot, making the defense team look incompetent. This flaw does nothing to detract from the fast-paced story, which includes an unforgettable prison riot, a vivid portrayal of bikers as both outcasts and outlaws, and poignant moments between Alexander and his child. This book is impossible to put down.”
- Library Journal