santa barbara summer

Sep 14, 10:36 PM

On the southern and central California coast we have a lot of summer fog. Even in August and September, we often don’t get sun until after noon. It’s pleasant, not cold or chilly, but overcast. Good writing weather, which I’m trying to do as much of as possible before I take off for the south and then New York City, where I’ll spend time with my daughter Georgia and son-in-law Josh, check in with my agent, see friends, eat and drink well, roam the streets.

I’m almost done with my original screenplay, an American road movie. I haven’t written a screenplay in a while. Certain themes lend themselves, for me, to movies rather than books, and this is one of them, although I might go back and figure out how to turn it into a road novel. Huckleberry Finn and On The Road were pretty successful, as I recall (I’m not putting myself in that company, only as to type of novel).

The wine grapes will be early this year. My home wine-making group, the Pagan Brothers, are planning on making Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah this year. We have access to good grapes, so we’re making pretty decent wine. I share it with friends, take it to restaurants (good conversation opener with waiters and sommeliers), give much of it away to people who appreciate wine.

Reading Christine Falls, by Benjamin Black (pseudonym for John Banville). Thriller writing of very high quality.