new novel

Wed May 11, 06:53 PM

New Mexico novel is coming along well. Lots of complicated story lines and characters. Going to Santa Fe soon to do more research. Hope to finish Fall 2016.

recent activity

Tue Sep 29, 02:18 PM

I am well into my new legal thriller, which is set in New Mexico, where my first novel, Against The Wind, took place. Sometimes the writing flows, and this is one of those times. It’s always a good feeling when that happens. For me, it means I have my story under control and can let it fly. I’m hoping to finish it in early Spring.

Last week I saw a movie called 99 Homes. It was terrific in every regard. Exciting and timely. The directing was some of the best I’ve seen in a long time, and the acting, led by Michael Shannon and Andrew Garfield, was terrific. It’s a small movie and could get lost in the autumn rush when all the big ones come out, so I hope whoever reads this searches it out and goes to see it. It reminded me of another excellent movie I saw last year, A Most Violent Year, which has all the elements you look for, but was overwhelmed by bigger studio movies. I hope this new film gets a fair chance.

Back to writing.

Turn Left At Doheny TV interview on Literary Gumbo

Tue Jul 8, 06:45 PM

Google Literary Gumbo and you’ll find my recent television interview with Fred Klein.

Turn Left At Doheny

Mon Jun 2, 03:33 PM

Our signing at Chaucer’s on May 22 in Santa Barbara went well. Lots of old and new readers attended. I read an excerpt and answered questions, and there was lots of lively discussion. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

There was an issue that apparently has surfaced, both at this signing and in other venues. Some of the books were missing pages. I have since seen a few comments on-line about this problem. Apparently, one shipment went out with these missing pages. Some of those books went to bookstores, others to on-line distribution like Amazon. My publishers did not know this had happened and are doing their best to make amends. If you got a book that is missing pages, please contact the distributor or book store you got it from and they will send you a fresh, complete copy. And let me know if any of you have this problem.

I’m finishing a long-gestating screenplay and then am starting my next novel. Hope to have a new book ready within a year or so.


Turn Left At Doheny

Wed May 14, 03:58 PM

Now available in the U.S. Independent book stores, and on the Internet (Amazon, etc.) Either hardcover and e-book.

Turn Left At Doheny

Wed May 14, 03:57 PM

I am reading and signing my new novel, TURN LEFT AT DOHENY, May 22, 2014, 7:00 PM, at Chaucer’s Book Store in Loreto Plaza, Santa Barbara. Hope to see you there!

Turn Left At Doheny

Thu Jan 30, 03:10 PM

Turn Left at Doheny has been released today in the UK (home publisher base). It will be in the US May 1 2014.

Wed Apr 29, 10:03 PM

I’ve been working on my YA novel for a long time now; most difficult task I’ve ever set for myself. Maybe that’s because it’s not my usual style. It’s coming along, though, and I’m hoping to have a good draft by autumn, or at least by the end of the year.

I’m going to Asia with my daughter Georgia for the first 3 weeks of May. Hong Kong, Guilan China, Vietnam, Cambodia. We’re very excited to be doing this. I’ll post pictures on My Space and Facebook when I return.

Otherwise, life is good. Reading good books, drinking good wine (and making some), spending a lot of time in Tennessee with Chris Bell, the author, and Bo and Dorna May, old film-maker friends.

In touch when I’m back, late in May.

Thu Dec 25, 01:28 PM

Christmas Day. A day, hopefully, for renewal and love for all those in your life.

I finished an original screenplay this fall, and am back to working on my kids book, which I hope to finish this spring or summer. It’s a time travel book, and I’m having a lot of fun working on it; a change of pace from my normal style of thrillers and dark explorations. I still have some of those going as well, and I’m going to have a very productive 2009. Hope you all do, too.

santa barbara summer

Sun Sep 14, 10:36 PM

On the southern and central California coast we have a lot of summer fog. Even in August and September, we often don’t get sun until after noon. It’s pleasant, not cold or chilly, but overcast. Good writing weather, which I’m trying to do as much of as possible before I take off for the south and then New York City, where I’ll spend time with my daughter Georgia and son-in-law Josh, check in with my agent, see friends, eat and drink well, roam the streets.

I’m almost done with my original screenplay, an American road movie. I haven’t written a screenplay in a while. Certain themes lend themselves, for me, to movies rather than books, and this is one of them, although I might go back and figure out how to turn it into a road novel. Huckleberry Finn and On The Road were pretty successful, as I recall (I’m not putting myself in that company, only as to type of novel).

The wine grapes will be early this year. My home wine-making group, the Pagan Brothers, are planning on making Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah this year. We have access to good grapes, so we’re making pretty decent wine. I share it with friends, take it to restaurants (good conversation opener with waiters and sommeliers), give much of it away to people who appreciate wine.

Reading Christine Falls, by Benjamin Black (pseudonym for John Banville). Thriller writing of very high quality.